1. Manu Kapoor

    Bhavneet, I am highly grateful to you for you shared such comprehensive and lucid micro-level details of Bhutan trip. Today, this proved to be so much helpful to me to when I am running badly short of time while gathering maximum possible info about probable family-tourist destinations in and around India. I was scanning several forums in TripAdvisor.com and accidentally landed on your blog and it proved to be one-stop shop for “buying” all ideas related to Bhutan trip. Indeed, immensely helpful. 1 request – Do you have such a detailed blog reg. Andaman and Nicobar islands’ family trips ? It will save my run from pillar to post and I will be able to easily choose between Bhutan and A&N islands for family.

  2. Manu Kapoor

    Perfectly fine. I am looking forward for the said links on A&N.
    And yes, I posted similar comment on your tripadvisor.com post. Kindly check buddy.

  3. Manu Kapoor

    Thanks once again Bhavneet for the links on A&N. Indiamike is indeed a very elaborate one. Well, I have now almost made my mind for Bhutan. Have kept A&N in next turn 🙂 …
    I have 1 more query : Is Indian cuisine or at least vegetarian food readily available in Bhutan ?

  4. Manu Kapoor

    I am keeping my trip confined to Thimphu and Paro. At max, additionally i may consider either of Punakha or Phuentsholing.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for Indian and/or Veg meals in such major cities

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