1. Marilyn

    This is absolutely wonderful- a great account of the trip, lots of useful and interesting information, and lovely pictures to help describe the experience.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Gagan

    Very nice written blog.. very useful.. infact planning our Kerela trip using the tips from your blog! Keep writing and exploring new places 🙂

  3. Aditya Mittal

    Awesome Bhavneet Sethi , the level of detailing helped me plan a great itinerary for my family vacation . Every piece of information was relevant to me. I was able to plan a good holiday man all thanks to you and your blog . Please keep on writing such wonderful blogs for people like us to plan great and hassle free vacations for our family.

    • bhavneet bhavneet

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for publishing my Kerala post on your blog. I would also like you to do a guest post on my blog. In the meantime, I have submitted yet another link to your website. This article is on Chandigarh which also happens to be my hometown.

  4. Lu

    Hello Bhavneet,
    Is there a reason you skipped Alleppey? I am looking to find a homebase lodging on the beach with daytrips to the backwaters. You recommended Kollam. You enjoyed Kovalam and Varkala beaches- would you recommend these beaches for longer stay?

    • bhavneet bhavneet

      There is no particular reason for skipping Alleppey. Between the two backwater destinations, I chose Kumarakaom. I will visit Allepey whenever I tour Kerala again.

      Regarding the beaches, I would recommend Varkaka if you are looking to stay for a longer period. Kovalam will be too busy and commercial for your liking. Varkala is also quite close to the Kollam backwaters. Do a canoe cruise at the Munroe island Backwaters. Very different from a houseboat experience.

  5. Si


    Great guide about Kerala, I’m planning my trip for Dec 2018

    I have 25 days vacation and was thinking of 10 days in Kerala and the remaining days in Sri Lanka

    Which would be the best route to start in North in Kochi and work my way down to Trivandrum or vice-versa

    Which would be the better place for Christmas and New Years Kerala or Sri Lanka

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