Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my blog.

I am a 39 year old wannabe entrepreneur living in Chandigarh. I love to travel and expore new places. I am a major bookworm and that too not in a good way. I love reading books which involves fairy tales, PNR, Science fiction, horror as well as political thrillers. Movies are my major weakness and I have to watch at least one movie a day. So except for work, I love to do everything else. Thats when I thought; why not make money out of things that I love to indulge in?

Therefore this blog is an intended result of my need to write about stuff that matter to me. It will contain a variety of topics such as food, drinks, books, movies, life experiences, travel, photography or anything else that catches my attention. This blog is also intended to invite you and other readers to share your thoughts and express your views. I am looking forward to making this space a fun ride for my viewers and myself.


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