1. Navdeep Singh

    Superb article..!! A cashless society requires advance infrastructure. Even a superpower like USA is 45% cashless. India was not prepared for it. Unnecessary harassment.

  2. Dr Jyotiraditya

    Yes, It was a disaster … Everyone was discomforted with this unplanned move by “Supposedly” a dictator Government of India. It was the real surgical strike but on people of India. Another unplanned move of this Govt is GST. No doubt It is good for our economy by again the implementation and execution is extremely poor. Moreover, we all are regarded as CHOR by the government. There is nothing like social security to us. but taxes are being levied on us to give freebies to the lower income groups as a bribe so that they keep voting for the BJP govt. We are the people who pay taxes and we are being mentally harassed. The Sad state of India…continues…

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